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A floating art studio in the South Pacific

After leaving the Galapagos Islands, Julian turned the Galilee west into the South Pacific. The Galilee became a floating art studio as Julian would take excursions ashore to rough-in paintings and then complete them aboard the Galilee. Julian painted tropical landscapes in Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and the Marquesas Islands.

When Julian arrived in Nuku-Hiva in the Marquesas, Julian and Laurie rented a bungalow while repairs were made to the Galilee. Julian took advantage of this time amongst the town and its people as he had in Puntarenas. Julian would stroll the town without a sketchpad and return to the bungalow to paint from memory.

Please visit the Tropical Landscapes from the South Pacific Islands Gallery to see our collection of Julian Ritter paintings done after Julian Ritter left Puntarenas, Costa Rica to visit and paint the tropical islands of the South Pacific.