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You need to login to the site in order to post comments to content and in the forum, and to be able to claim control (if you have the permissions), and point reward, over the content you submit.

Image Galleries

The galleries are the heart of JulianRitterCentral. We are trying to build a searchable catalog of Julian's art. For this reason, we ask that you follow specific guidelines when submitting images.

Please post only original artwork (no reproductions) to the Image Galleries. If you have a lithographic reproduction, please create a topic for it in the "Julian's Art" forum providing as much information as possible. This will allow us to research the print for additional information. Once we have collected this information, we will post an entry in the Image Gallery with all known information and links back to any topics in the "Julian's Art" forum.

The maximum image size you can upload is 64MB. The preferred formats for images are PNG and TIF. You may also upload JPGs but please be sure that they are not heavily compressed (best if no compression applied). If you have issues using the standard uploader, choose the Simple Uploader link and try again. Please report any issues you have using the Feedback link in the left column.

You will need to enter the following required information when posting images:
  • Title: Provide the painting's title; if unknown, use your judgement to create a title followed by (assigned))
  • Medium: Choose from the dropdown menu (e.g., oil on canvas, oil on masonite, watercolor and chalk, Cont´┐Ż). If submitting to the Julian Ritter Pics gallery, please choose 'Photograph'. If you choose 'Other', please provide the medium in the Description field.)
  • Dimensions: The dimension in inches of the work not including any frame or matte (height by width with no " marks and no spaces).
  • Year painted: If unknown, enter "0000" and enter any additional information in the commentary field.
  • Owner: Enter the owner's name, if known. This field defaults to "Unknown"
  • Submitter: Please enter your username exactly as displayed on the Welcome page or in the "User" black near the bottom of the left hand column.
  • Image: Select the painting from your computer to upload
The Commentary field is optional but encouraged. Use this field to describe the painting, the meaning of the painting to you or to tell a story about how you came to own the painting. Or tell all three.

The Commentary field is optional but encouraged. Use this field to describe the painting, the meaning of the painting to you or to tell a story about how you came to own the painting. Or tell all three.

You are greatly encouraged to add keywords and a concise description for your entry. These fields are used by search engines and will make it more likely that people can discover your image. to enter this information, please click the arrow at the right of "Search Engine Optimisation, and Tagging.

For the keywords, please start with the following: username,medium,dimensions,year painted followed by any additional keywords you think might be helpful. Your keywords should look something like:
John Doe,oil on masonite,30x40,1961 followed by your own keywords. These may seem redundant but they will be used by the search engines and also to provide a means of displaying paintings by "tags" on JulianRitterCentral.

You can provide a short description which is what will be displayed in search engine results. The better your description, the more likely people will be to check out your painting.

Please take care to provide the best possible picture of your painting. The following tips will assist in taking an acceptable picture:
  • Mount your camera on a tripod
  • Make sure that picture is evenly lit
  • Use a "Fill" flash setting
  • If you must shoot free-hand, use a fast-shutter speed with high ISO setting


Every logged-in member can gain points as they contribute to our community, in ways like…
  • Posting on the forums
  • Contributing content to the site such as posting images of your paintings
  • Participating in polls
  • Using the "Recommend us" links to share the site. Points are earned when your contact signs up using the same email address.
  • You even earn points just for checking the site out daily

The points are used to determine your usergroup as an active member within the community.