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Video: Documentary film "Julian Ritter, Palette of Passion" made in 1989

"Palette of Passion" video

I have just spent the last half hour intently watching this wonderful documentary of "Julian Ritter".  How exciting it would have been to really get to know and spend time with this incredible man. This has given me a small taste of that.  I have recently purchased a lovely, colorful painting with surprisingly pastel highlighting, a reclining nude in watercolor or mixed media. I am hopefully anticipating that it is an original by him as the signature indicates.  I will receive it next week and forward any information which I can verify.  Thank you so much for this informative site!   Deb


Thanks so much for the kind remarks. Julian was truly a one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life man whose personal and business choices left kept him on the outside of the art establishment even though his work was generally well-received. We hope this site will shine a light on that work and that Julian will finally receive the recognition as an artist that he deserves.

If you can, please post a picture of the piece in the "Julian's art" forum so we can see it once you get it. Julian did quite a bit of art in charcoal and watercolor and, to a lesser extent, ink and watercolor.


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